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You can find some media coverage from different projects below. I love to talk about entrepreneurship, the Swiss startup ecosystem, personal finance and of course, sales and marketing. If you’re covering any of these topics and would like to get my input, please reach out.

Latest media coverage

Startup Magazin 2021


Interview with the Startup Magazin in German.


Die Innovationsmaschinen

Netzwerke Ehemalige Startup-Mitarbeitende gründen oft erfolgreiche Firmen. Eine Analyse zeigt, welche...

Der Brutkasten

Österreichs Startup 
und Innovationsplattform

Das Wiener Sport-Startup myClubs gehört zu den größten SportAggregatoren und -Vermittlungsdiensten in Österreich...


So führen die Jungen!

Was braucht es aus Sicht junger Unternehmer und Führungskräfte, um die Schweiz als Chancenland für Junge zu positionieren?


Aus dem Nichts zum Erfolg

Was, wenn plötzlich ein Konkurrent kommt und das eigene Unternehmen kaufen möchte? Zwei Startup-Gründer erzählen...


myClubs übernimmt Schweizer Fitness-Netzwerk Gymhopper

myClubs kombiniert das Angebot von zahlreichen Yogastudios, CrossFit-Boxen, Tennisplätzen, Kletterhallen und diversen...


Fehler sind erwünscht

Die Schweiz ist weltweit bekannt für ein bestimmtes Setting an Führungsgrundsätzen.

Radio Neo1


Das neue Jahr hat begonnen, bei den Meisten unter euch wahrscheinlich nicht komplett anders als das alte Jahr aufgehört hat.

Here’s what the people I’ve worked with had to say

«We launched a successful business producing fully sustainable coffee and had several B2C and some B2B clients, but wanted to grow our venture to the next level. Silvan provided not only strong analytical skills but also useful advice on how to prioritise and stay focused. We launched 3 sales channels in no time and quickly closed new deals and secured new revenue streams.»

Nelson Casas
Direct Coffee

«Silvan Krähenbühl was a trusted coaching resource for us during the early stages of our market validation journey. His guidance transcended the context in which the coaching arose, with him acting as an independent advisor that offered frank and neutral advice. Within only a few hours of coaching, Silvan's challenging insights helped us direct our focus and navigate our first pivot. Silvan is genuinely invested in the success of his mentees, extending his personal experience and network, and maintaining relationships even after the formal coaching had ended. »

Salomé Bucher
Exprea GmbH

«We had a business idea that needed some validation and testing, but didn’t know exactly where to start. As part of the be-advanced challenge program, we worked with Silvan to tackle these challenges. We set up a well-structured feedback questionnaire, distributed it to the relevant key players and gained valuable insights thanks to the lean startup methods we applied. I enjoyed working with Silvan and especially valued his entrepreneurial experience and hands-on mentality.»

Chris Jenny

«I first met Silvan during a startup challenge — he was my coach. I’ve sought his expert advice on numerous occasions and have been impressed with his breadth of knowledge as well as his constant willingness to help. Silvan is a quick thinker and very dynamic. Having him challenge my ideas gave me new points of view and was very helpful in building my own company.»

Basil Anderau

«I was stuck with the business model of my company and wanted to get an external perspective from an experienced entrepreneur. Because of his startup experience and sports background, I chose to work with Silvan. We analysed our business model and reshaped it with the lean startup method and business modelling techniques. Today we have successfully established our product in the market and expanded internationally.»

Marcel Frikart
Bodygee AG