Silvan Krähenbühl


Entrepreneur, podcast host and sports lover

Entrepreneur, podcast host and sports lover

It is my deepest conviction that a stronger entrepreneurial mindset will allow Switzerland to dream of a greater, more exciting future.

Being an entrepreneur, podcast host and sports lover, I have had the privilege of working on a number of different projects.

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What Does Success Mean?

Switzerland has a clear picture of success: you get a master’s degree from a well-known university, and then land a secure, well-paid job at a large corporation. Starting your own business or joining a startup is often considered a last resort, and the possible failure of this project is regarded as a clear sign of certain doom.

The economy, and with it the world, is changing faster than ever. Whether it be automation, new technologies, or completely new (and more efficient) business models, our day-to-day life demands constant adaptation.

Strengthen your entrepreneurial thinking

In such an environment, we have to break free from the norms which have constrained us thus far and allow entrepreneurial thinking to move us forward. That is the only way to remain competitive.

It is these topics exactly which have kept my thoughts occupied for the past several years. With this personal website I would like to candidly share my missteps as an entrepreneur, as well as the many positive lessons I’ve learnt along the way. My goal is to make my readers sharper, more dynamic and more forward-looking than I have had the fortune to be thus far.

So, all that’s left to say is — welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy your stay.


I am passionately involved in a number of entrepreneurial projects.
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