Silvan Krähenbühl

Hi, I’m Silvan, an entrepreneur and podcast host based in Zurich, Switzerland. I love to put ideas into action with great teams and hit goals that once appeared unreachable. 

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My parents run a veterinary practice together, so entrepreneurship was a topic familiar to me. But I had neither the interest nor the talent to become a veterinarian myself.


First Venture

The Young Enterprise Switzerland program I participated in during highschool changed my life.  I got the startup virus and found my passion - I know this sounds cheesy :)



Became president of the Young Entrepreneurs Club with the goal to position entrepreneurship as career path. Got to know a lot of people and fancy startup terms.



Walked the talk and started Gymhopper right after university. Made a lot of mistakes but also learned a ton.



Started a Unicorn Ventures with a friend: first it was just a playground, but then we actually started investing in early stage startups.



Three years after founding, Gymhopper was acquired by the Austrian company myclubs.



The same year I took over as host of the Swisspreneur show from my friend Christian Hirsig. Today, we’re Switzerland's #1 business podcast.



Together with Chris and João, I started a booking platform for night trains. Our marketing results were strong, but COVID-19 was stronger.



Joined as enterprise account director to close b2b enterprise deals with clients from all over the world. Took over as CEO in 2022 and exited the company to Scaled Agile Inc. in 2023.

Passion for Entrepreneurship

Already as a teenager, I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship and started my first company during high school. I love the process of creating something out of nothing, growing an idea into a real business and making plans with a skilled team which actually work out.

I also like to help others to start and grow their companies: on one hand, by releasing weekly podcasts episodes with Switzerland’s most talented founders and innovators through the Swisspreneur podcast; and, on the other hand, as a startup coach for be-advanced, Impact Hub and other organizations.

Sales Enthusiast

Sales was definitely not my passion when I started. It was difficult, uncomfortable and frustrating. Thanks to some small first wins, I didn’t give up and got better at it. Today, sales feels like a beautiful and very rewarding craft. I love to think about new ways of closing a deal, generating more leads or optimizing an already existing sales process. Whatever your challenges are, “sales cures it all” (Marc Cuban).

Building Ecosystems

I am driven by efficiency and want to connect the right people with each other to generate more value for everyone. A strong community, especially for founders, is crucial to make this happen. That’s why we try to contribute by hosting regular events and an online community for founders: to connect, learn and support each other.

Gym Learnings

  • In my spare time I love hitting the gym 3-5 times a week: it allows me to calm down and sleep better at night.
  • I am convinced that we can only perform well in the long run if we take good care of both our physical and mental health.
  • The gym is also a good reminder that persistence and consistency pay off. It's astonishing how far you can get by improving a little bit every day.

Things I write

From time to time I like putting thoughts to paper. Browse through this selection of articles to get a feel of what’s been on my mind. Topics range from startups to personal finance and self-development.

When to Kill your Business Idea

Ever had a terrific business idea that just didn't fare well? Being left with armfuls of an unprofitable model and a hole in your funds is not a great feeling. Here's how to know when you need to let your vision go to rest — or convert it into something more meaningful.

February 14, 2022
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Hustling is a Humble Journey

Being a salesperson in Switzerland will get you a fair share of odd looks. Why is that?! The way I see it, this bad reputation is far from fair, because sales really require social intelligence and humility. Struggling is a part of the process, and that is why I chose to tell you the story of how I grew from anxious cold-calling to striking fantastic deals.

June 13, 2022
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The Rundown on Leading International Teams

Expanding your operations beyond borders is a tricky process for any business. My experience with a startup gone global has helped me see the good and the bad, and I now know that being informed of the stumbling blocks you'll find along the way is a great start towards success. Read on to see how you can scale up the safe way and receive the best of what branching out can offer.

December 13, 2021
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Wellness and Productivity: Friends, not Foes

Finding it hard to keep it together? A thriving career should never be a synonym to self-neglect. Here you'll find my personal advice on healthy habits, and how balance is key to a mindful life.

November 4, 2021
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