How to sell 4-6 figure deals remotely (Podcast)

August 21, 2021
Silvan Krähenbühl

I was recently interviewed by Manuel Hartmann for the B2B Startup Sales Podcast and shared my best tips and learning from the past 6 years. You can listen to the full episode below:

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November 4, 2021

Wellness and Productivity: Friends, not Foes

Finding it hard to keep it together? A thriving career should never be a synonym to self-neglect. Here you'll find my personal advice on healthy habits, and how balance is key to a mindful life.

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October 11, 2021

So You Made a Wrong Hire: Here’s How to Keep Moving

Dealing with hiring struggles is something all leaders learn along the way. Here is my personal advice on managing a less-than-ideal hire, and what you can do to avoid future mistakes.

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