I am passionately involved in entrepreneurial projects, also with a technical connection. For project inquiries and further information I am available under contact. Below is a selection of current and past projects.

Swisspreneur is a nonprofit on a mission to promote and advance entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

I am responsible for the overall operations of the project as well as for fundraising. You can find all existing episodes on
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Gymhopper AG
(acquired by myClubs)

Out of my own problem, the idea Gymhopper was born.

During my studies, I was constantly traveling between different cities in Switzerland, but with my fitness subscription I could only train at my place of residence. The lack of flexibility has led to the creation of Switzerland’s largest fitness network. Gymhopper has received investor capital, expanded into seven more countries and launched new business models. In 2018 Gymhopper was acquired by myClubs.


Unicorn Ventures

Founder of Unicorn Ventures GmbH,

a company that strategically tests new business models and provides hands-on advice for emerging startup founders. Our team consists of experts in software engineering, digital marketing, startup management, sales and entrepreneurship.


Cofoundme was created within the framework of the Young Entrepreneurs Club of the HSG.

Our goal was to bring together students from technical and business universities to create new startups. We started with the HSG and the ETH before the circle of universities was continually expanded. Today, the platform is being maintained by a very dedicated project team.

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Young Entrepreneurs Club HSG

The same motivation that drives me today has also made me part of the newly founded Young Entrepreneurs Club of the University of St. Gallen. Our goal was to turn the HSG into an entrepreneurial university. In addition to setting up the association, we launched the cofoundme platform and the first incubation program for students. The club was later merged into START entrepreneurs.

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