What does success mean?

Silvan Krähenbühl

In Switzerland, success is often defined as follows: a master’s degree from a well-known university, then a well-paid, secure job in a large corporation. Starting your own business or working for a startup is often considered a last resort. Errors, or even the failure with your own project are still pilloried and dismissed as failure.

The world and especially the economy are changing faster than ever. Whether at our workplaces through automation, new technologies, or just completely new business models that work more efficiently, we need to constantly adapt and realign to keep up.

Strengthen entrepreneurial thinking

In such an environment, we have to break away from collateral and the norms that used to exist, and move forward with entrepreneurial thinking. Only in this way can we remain competitive. It is my deepest conviction that with a stronger entrepreneurial mindset we have not only an exciting but also a great future ahead of us.

Exactly these topics have occupied me for several years. With this personal website I would like to share my personal missteps as an entrepreneur, share my learning, thoughts as well as tips and tricks around the topic of Entrepreneurship – with the clear goal of strengthening the entrepreneurial mindset of the readers.

In this sense, welcome to my website and enjoy browsing.


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