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No matter who you are or what business you’re in, it’s likely that you’re in need of tiny, daily wins that can improve not only your business ventures but the other parts of your life, too. Perhaps you’re a start-up owner, manager, or employee – if you are, the odds are that you’re consistently looking for ways to better your business, manage your time efficiently, and keep your life on-balance. You’re in luck! I have four of the best, quickest, and most helpful tips out there for folks who are looking to tackle their lives with a little more zeal, productivity, and meaning. Check out the top four tips that I believe can help better your quality of life, keep you focused on work, and encourage you to go after small wins that can help boost your daily life for the better.

Take Your Health Seriously

I see people ignore their health all the time, without understanding the serious repercussions that could come from it. You can’t be work, work, work all the time – you have to consider how your body and mind are reacting to the constant stress of the work you’re doing, and taking care of your health is just one of the things you need to consider outside of work. For starters, I suggest working out 4-5 times a week if you can. Don’t stress, this doesn’t just mean going to the gym. Try organized sports, get into jogging, go for a swim – no matter what, just find something that works for you. Just be active, overall. Further, try to get a little physical activity in every single day – I don’t mean a huge workout, I just mean 20 or so minutes of something. Maybe you decide to skip the train and walk to your office, maybe you bike instead of drive to the grocery store, maybe you take a 10 minute break from work (another vital thing I’ll dive into) and jog around the block to clear your head – no matter what it is, any sort of physical activity every day will benefit you in the long run. You’ll also need to take a look at what you consume every day – in other words, the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. It’s important to ask yourself how your daily consumption is benefiting you. I suggest going for three proper meals a day – if it makes sense for your diet – that are focused on wholesome, healthy foods and vegetables. Otherwise, nix the soft drinks and try to stay away from excessive sugars. A few other helpful health hints? I suggest getting plenty of sleep so that you’re ready to go in the morning. Also, try a cold shower every so often – this is a great way to get your body moving and working in a better way for you.

Hack Your Productivity

Everyone wants more time, right? One of the best ways to get it is to hack your productivity so you’re not wasting your precious time every single day. I’ve got a few hacks that I think work perfectly: For starters, try to zero in your focus. Instead of trying to get a ton of things done at once, set a timer for say an hour or so, and focus on a single task. Click out of your emails, turn your phone off, and put the internet aside (unless you need it for the task) and dedicate your sole focus to that task. When the timer is up, take a break, walk around, hydrate, and re-focus on the next thing you need to get done. Do this throughout your work day so that you don’t fall into the trap of multitasking and getting distracted – see how much more you get done this way! Another tip is to deactivate your push notifications on your phone. Whether you go into the settings on your phone and do this, or simply download an app to block your notifications and your app access for a certain amount of time, this can be a hugely rewarding time-saver. You know how it goes, you’ll be focused as ever when you get an email alert. By the time you start to refocus on your task, you get another push notification, and all is lost again. It’s a vicious cycle that you can beat! I suggest getting rid of all social media, too, if you can. Now, I know this isn’t always possible because it’s such an integral part of marketing and businesses nowadays, but, if you’re able to, at least delete the apps from your phone – that could be infinitely helpful. A final tip on time hacking? Stop doing things you hate. I don’t mean you should be the picky person in the office, but try to dwindle down the tasks that you absolutely despise – if you can, delegate them; if you can’t, try to come up with a creative solution so that they get done. You know better than anyone that hated tasks are the ones that get avoided and procrastinated – try to skip this all together, if you can.

Sort Through Your Financials

I know, I know – this one is probably going to hurt to talk about. If you’re a start-up owner or employee, it’s likely you’re dealing with the harsh reality of building your own business (a lack of funds, for sure – at least at the very beginning), but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take a good, hard look at your financial situation in order to better your decisions, plans, and future investment opportunities. One of the best pieces of advice I have for you is to automate your paychecks. That means that before your paycheck even comes in, you know exactly how you’re going to section it out. Split your funds into different accounts (that make sense) – set aside your checking account money that’s needed for bills, groceries, gas, rent, etc., set aside your savings (I recommend putting 20 percent of your paycheck away, but that’s going to ultimately be up to you), and set aside money for your 401k or your investments. That way, before you even have your hands on the money you’re getting for your upcoming paycheck, you’ll know exactly where it’s going. Another piece of financial advice? Don’t spend money on stupid shit! Pardon my French, but that’s one of the biggest issues that people face with finances. You don’t need a fancy car, you just need one that gets you from Point A to Point B safely. You don’t need clothes that have the highest price tag, you just need respectable, business clothes that fit your lifestyle. Put your money to good use, know why you’re using it, and don’t squander it on things to show off or fit a certain lifestyle!

Implement These General Life Hacks

Of course, there are general life hacks that can come in handy for anyone, no matter what industry they’re in. For starters, try to ignore negative people in your life who are certain you’ll fail. Why waste your time dealing with folks who aren’t there to encourage you? I don’t mean that you shouldn’t be realistic or have realistic opinions thrown out, but I do mean that you shouldn’t waste your energy on folks who are hoping for you to fail. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who are willing to give you the real deal when it comes to advice. It’s also important to understand how success works. If you have a realistic take on what success really means (and how long it takes to get there), you’re likely to be more successful in the long run. Understand that macro patience matters, but so does micro speed. In other words, understand that success doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient. Work hard. Don’t’ try to rush something that seems like it will definitely take time to perfect. But in the daily sense, try to be quick. Beat out your competition. Close deals quickly. Work quickly, too. Overall, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, but these daily quick wins will make a huge difference, too. Like I said before, try not to multitask – and try to be invested in exactly what you’re doing exactly when you’re doing it. If you’re interviewing someone for a job, be present. Don’t sit around thinking about what you’ll have for dinner. Quit multitasking and you’ll see how much better your time can be spent. Finally, don’t stop socializing. It’s important to balance your life. Don’t spend all your time working and none of your time hanging out with your family and friends. Don’t forget to talk to people, to socialize, to have fun – if you don’t, it’s likely that your work-life balance is going to be totally thrown off and you won’t be happy in any aspect of your life. Remember to take care of yourself!

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