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September 12, 2018
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BILD zu OTS - Gymhopper Gründer Silvan Krähenbühl (links) und myClubs Gründer und CEO Tobias Homberger (Mitte)

Vienna / Zurich, September 27, 2018 – With over 700 contractual partners, myClubs is the largest sports aggregator in Austria and Switzerland. The Viennese company is now further expanding its market leadership with the purchase of the Swiss fitness center network Gymhopper. Gymhopper founder Silvan Krähenbühl and his team become part of myClubs.


myClubs combines the offerings of numerous yoga studios, CrossFit boxes, tennis courts, climbing gyms and various other course and sports providers in a digital membership model. Customers can choose from more than 30 different sports via the myClubs app and book directly. In Austria, myClubs already has more than 400 contract partners, in Switzerland it has so far been possible to train with more than 300 providers. With the purchase of the Swiss start-up Gymhopper, the forces of two strong players are now bundled and the network has been expanded by 200 additional providers. While myClubs has so far been characterized by a wide range of courses (including Yoga, CrossFit, Spinning – golf and wakeboarding in the summer), Gymhopper has the largest network of owner-managed fitness studios.


The successful Gymhopper product line will be continued after purchase by myClubs. The aim of the takeover is to create a country-wide digital sports offer for companies. With its flexible memberships for end customers and companies, myClubs has so far concentrated strongly on urban space. With Gymhopper, the network of sports start-ups is now also growing in the regions around Zurich, Bern, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne. The stronger market position in these areas creates good conditions for the planned introduction of new corporate fitness offerings: “In recent years, we have set up Switzerland’s largest network for owner-managed gyms. With myClubs, we now have a strong digital partner to bring together corporate fitness products and support our partner studios in competition with the big chains”, said Gymhopper CEO Silvan Krähenbühl on future collaboration.


Krähenbühl will join myClubs AG as Head of Business Development and the Gymhopper Development Team at myClubs. “The acquisition of Gymhopper is strategically important in order to expand our market leadership in the digital fitness market in Switzerland as well. We’ve known Silvan and his team since the gymhopper launch, and we’re happy to see them strengthen myClubs in the future”, said myClubs Founder and CEO Tobias Homberger about the Gymhopper purchase.

About myClubs

With a single digital membership, myClubs customers have access to over 400 sports providers in Austria and 300 in Switzerland. The myClubs offer can already be used in 15 cities / regions and further internationalization is in preparation. The Sport Aggregator is aimed not only at end users, but also at companies and insurance companies. For more information, visit

About Gymhopper

Gymhopper was founded in 2015 and operates the largest fitness center network in Switzerland. With an active membership in a connected partner studio, users of the Gymhopper app can train for free in over 200 gyms. More information at

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